Lisa Marie Chimento

Director of Corporate Events

Born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida; I am a sucker for beauty and history in natural details. Now, a seasoned resident of Pennsylvania, I couldn’t be happier and blessed to be able to spend so much time in this country’s most historical and beautiful establishments and parks, all in part of your special day!

It is YOUR day after all and that is exactly what I am here for! We can bullet point the services all day long but at the end of it, you will NEED support with ideas, emotion, tasks, colleagues, etiquette, etc. Google can only offer so much I am a strong believer that your event planner should be a friend. I look forward to getting to know you and your work family. 

I find that I become just as passionate about your event as you do. I work for you as hard as I’d expect anyone to for me and your concerns and cares become mine. I am dedicated and obsessed with you loving your event day from the smallest detail (which certainly isn’t small to you) to the big picture. It is important that your event is a visual expression of you.